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Introducing the Fastest, Cheapest, Uncensored, and Most Reliable AI image generation platform.

Full Freedom Customizable Uncensored
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Connect Your Account

Connect your Discord account to Sellix at the chekout and join our community server.


Verify Your Status

After joining, make sure you have ythe Subscription Tier role access or contact a moderator to acquire the role.


Start Generating

All set! Start generating directly on designated channels, or choose to create a private channel for you.

Explore Your Creativity
Create Anything With
AI image Generator

With our tool, you have the ability to transform anything from a blank canvas into a stunning work of art. Your innovative ideas aren't restricted by filters or other limitations on our site. Play by the rules and have fun!

  • Rapid fast generations.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Ultimate privacy.
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Via Our API

Use our API to build your AI app and start earning with us. You can start pretty easily with our clean documentation and integrate your app with our API. No queues, uncensored, and fast. You can get any image result in under 10 seconds with our lightning fast API. Learn more about our API by visiting our API page.

  • Clean Documentations
  • Lightning Fast
  • No Restrictions
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Available Tools
Recognize our available
AI Image Generative Tools

Text to Image

The most basic tool. Just provide a simple prompt to generate a stunning AI image easily.

SD 1.X & SDXL Models

With our tool, we are providing a range of SD 1.X and SDXL models to generate images. Multiple choices at your fingertips.


We are able to provide up to 4K upscaling using our tool. Just upload an image and let the magic happen.

Undress Tool

Our brand new Undress tool comes with the subscription. Easily undress anyone in few seconds.(ToS Applied)*

Image to Image

Want to modify or transform your image? With our tool, you can do that too, from Image to Image

Swap Faces

Ahh yes! Face swapping is also available with our tool. Simply upload the source image and target image. Let the magic happen.

Face Restoration

Did you get disformed faces when you generated the requested image? Don't worry! Use our face restoration tool to fix that for you!

Headshot Generation

Generate perfect headshot images using just one of your images. Easy, Fast and uses our higher quality SDXL models.

And Many More
Pricing Package
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Maker Plan

Welcome to Maker tier. You can download my weekly NSFW Fakes (Basic access) and get access to my AI image generator with 300 Credits to use it's tools.

$10/per month
  • Swap Faces
  • 40 Undress Credits
  • 300 Credits to use the AI bot
  • Download Advanced Bundles
  • Uncensored Image Generation

Master Plan

Welcome to Master tier. From this tier you can access my weekly NSFW Fakes (Complete access), get access to my AI image generator with 600 Credits to use it's tools.

$20/per month
  • Swap Faces
  • 100 Undress Credits
  • Access to my AI Videos
  • 600 Credits to use the AI bot
  • Download Complete Bundles
  • Uncensored Image Generation

Legendary Plan

Welcome to Legendary tier. You can get access to all of my content, early access and Unlimited access to my AI image generation tool.

$50/per month
  • Swap Faces
  • 300 Undress Credits
  • Download All Bundles
  • Access to my AI Videos
  • Unlimited access to the AI bot
  • Uncensored Image Generation
Frequently Asked questions
Here are some of the frequently asked questions answered.

Why no Free tier ?

Due to the high GPU server rental prices, I had no choice but to make my service a paid one for now. I'm running this service solely by myself, and when my platform gets to a sufficient number of paid users, I might open up for a Free tier.

Is it fast ?

Yes! Our AI image generator generates images in less than 10 seconds and delivers them at the same time. No queue.

What are Credits ?

Credits are the tokens needed to use the AI image generator and its tools. Maker and Master Tier subscribers will earn different amounts according to their level, and Legendary Tier users have no need to use credits.

How often does the tool get updated ?

Regularly, our tool gets updated.

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